Rosewill 100 watts USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps 4K 60Hz HDR Power Delivery Hub for Thunderbolt 3 New MacBook Pro 16 in. Air, iPad Pro, iMac, Mac Mini
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Offer updated on 10/21/2021
<p>Rosewill RHUB-100W USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps 4K 60hz HDR Power Delivery 100W Hub - Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 New MacBook Pro 16in/Air, iPad Pro, iMac, Mac Mini.</p><p>The Rosewill RHUB-100W offers a straightforward way to add seven ports to your Thunderbolt 3 enabled laptop. Your laptop will be armed with more power, more speed, and higher refresh rates. You can get more done and enjoy better visuals. The USB-C docking station comes with seven ports which are out of the ordinary. Enjoy faster data transfer speed, faster charging speed, extend or mirror content to an HDMI 4K display, and more. Two USB-A 3.1 Gen 2 ports that support speed up to 10Gbps One USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port that supports speed up to 10Gbps One USB-C port with power delivery up to 100W One HDMI port that supports resolution up to 3840 x 2160P at 60Hz and supports High Dynamic Range(HDR) as per DisplayPort 1.4 spec One Gigabit Ethernet port One SD TF card reader A cable is built in, eliminating the hassle of losing or misplacing cable. You can easily use the built-in cable to connect the docking station to any Thunderbolt 3 enabled laptop, including MacBook and Google Chromebook, anywhere you go. It works with Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Windows 10.</p><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Wattage:</b> 100 watts</li><li><b>Frequency Range:</b> 60Hz</li><li><b>Device Supported:</b> Thunderbolt 3 New MacBook Pro 16 in. Air, iPad Pro, iMac, Mac Mini</li><li><b>Standards:</b> USB 3.1/3.0/2.0</li><li><b>Thunderbolt 3:</b> Yes</li><li><b>Ports:</b> USB-C (Type-C) to HDMI2 Port USB 3.1 10GbpsUSB-C Data Port speed up to 10GbpsSD TF Card Reader 3.0</li><li><b>Transfer Rate:</b> USB 3.1 up to 10Gbps(1280MB/s)USB 3.0 up to 5.0Gbps(640MB/s)USB 2.0 up to 480Mbps(60MB/s)</li><li><b>Operating System Supported:</b> Support ios system, Windows 8 system, Windows 10 system, android system</li><li><b>Weight:</b> 0.3 lbs</li></ul>
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