Blue Cat Audio Remote Control MIDI Software Plug-In, Electronic Download
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Blue Cat's Remote Control is a set of plug-ins which let you control and monitors in real time several MIDI controllable plug-ins or devices from a single customizable user interface: the user interface of your favorite DirectX or VST plugin does not satisfy you? Your favorite hardware device is too complicated to control? Your project contains hundreds of plug-ins and you would like to control them all from a single user interface? You want undo/redo for all your modifications? This product was designed for you.• Virtual MIDI control surface and monitoring tool• Control or monitor in real time any MIDI-controllable plug-in or external MIDI device• Customize the controls response curve with advanced settings• Create your own Digital Workstation controller thanks to Blue Cat's Skinning Language• MIDI learn• Full automation support• DirectX and VST formats• Undo/Redo• Load and Save presets in a host independent formatThe package includes 3 plug-ins: Remote Control 16, 32 and 64, which have the ability to manage up to 16, 32 or 64 parameters. You can assign a MIDI channel and CC number to each controller, customize its response curve. You can as well choose a skin that suits your needs for every instance of the remote control (several skins are included in the package, see the screenshots) or create your own (see the Skins section): this is the best way to create your own user interface to control your entire Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) the way you have chosen. If you have a very specific project and you do not have time to spend on their Skinning Language, Blue Cat Audio can also create custom skins for you.Another way to use the product is for MIDI control remapping and transform: assign an input parameter a given MIDI CC and assign the associated output parameter to another MIDI CC with different response curve parameters: the plug-in will remap the controller to the new CC and channel with a new response curve.<b> Demo Limitations </b>• One single instance of the plug-in per session• The effect is bypassed for 3 seconds every 30 seconds
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