Thermionic Culture CULTUREVLTRES15B Stereo Super 15 Valve Enhancer with Balanced Outputs
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Offer updated on 6/17/2021
The Thermionic Culture CULTURE VULTURE S15-B is the most comprehensive Vulture to date. It incorporates all the features found on the 11th Anniversary edition such as the 7 extra distortion functions, but also now features a 2 position Presence switch. The Drive switch has three positions with a +10dB option sitting squarely between 'Normal' and 'Overdrive', enabling users to make their sounds 'a little more crunchy' with increased brightness. The Function switch now s further enhancements including special dynamic tunable mid-lift in the P positions and extra drastically-processed harmonics in the SQ positions. Features Even more distortion effects including 3 SQ ("squash") settings 5 musically tuned sharp dynamic mid lift settings; Bias control is more useful than ever before for type of sound and mid lift; Extra mid way +10dB setting on Drive switch, before Overdrive (+20dB) ; Broad Presence control on + 10 dB position; -10dB attenuator enables comparison between the above, or useful to control high levels; Extra Output level to easily drive DAWs; Transformer balanced line input, unbalanced DI input; Unbalanced Hi & Lo outputs for better transparency; Line inputs and outputs now on XLRs.; Low pass filter to remove unwanted HF overtones; Extra low noise. Long life, selected NOS valves, carefully matched for stereo; Bypass switches connect Line In direct to Hi output avoiding all electronics; Made in England; Specifications Normal drive: 40Hz to 18kHz , ±1.5dB Overdrive: 50Hz to 11kHz, ±1.5dB Max Output Level (MOL): +17dBu, 2% distortion Distortion (THD): 98% MOL: +25dBu, 20% distortion Line Input: 20k DI Input: 50k Line Output: 1k Lo Output: 4k Figures obtained with 1kHz signal, 0.25mA bias current, Function at T, feeding a 10k load 230V: T250mA 20mm type fuse rating Weight: 1 lbs
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