Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K Standard Edition Digital Cinema Camera
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Offer updated on 12/5/2022
Compact 6K Large Format Camera- With its cutting-edge modularity, the MAVO Edge 6k will streamline your workflow from shooting to post-productionLenses should be the deciding factor when choosing what format to shoot in, not the camera, which is why the MAVO Edge is capable of shooting FF, S35, and S16. Choose between FF 6k, S35, and S16 in the menu for maximum versatility.<b>Internal Variable ND</b><b>Control Exposure by .03 of a stop without touching the Iris ring</b>Keep your depth of field consistent as conditions change with the MAVO Edge's built-In variable ND. Adjust exposure by intervals of .03 of a stop, from 0.6 through 2.4, allowing seamless exposure control without touching the iris ring.<b>Dual Native ISO</b><b>ISO 800/ ISO 5120</b>Don't miss any detail- even in extreme lowlight situations. With a second native ISO of 5120, the MAVO Edge 6K is unmatched in lowlight performance.
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