Elope Mens Time Replica Jacket with Epaulettes - Black/Gray/Purple - Size: One Size
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Offer updated on 7/28/2021
Dressed For SuccessWhen it comes to character design, Tim Burton doesn't mess around. All of his films feature fascinating characters who dress uniquely. There's a reason people comment on real life images or other works to say it looks like a Tim Burton film! From the Corpse Bride's beautiful gown to the bony pinstripes of Jack Skellington's suit, Burton has a knack for creating unique, unsettling, and awe-inspiring looks. For his two Alice in Wonderland films, he continues this trend. In Alice Through the Looking Glass, we meet Time himself, and boy, he has a LOOK. You'll be picture perfect enought to walk on set in this Mens Time Replica Jacket with Epaulettes!Product DetailsThis costume piece is all about the angles. The black jacket features silver and gray detailing along the shoulder pieces and down the chest. A row of shining buttons runs down the middle. What we're really into, however, is the sleeves! The arm pieces are folded accordion style, while the epaulettes jut out dramatically from either shoulder, cutting an imposing figure. Please note that this costume only includes the jacket in the picture, not the cape or the hat. If you're looking for the full costume, check out our website! We've got the whole ensemble for sale, as well as the hat as a singular item. Is Time Good or Bad?The question of Time's morality, and if he even has one, is a large part of the movie. Some people feel that the time we are given is a gift. Others feel the sting of times lost that they think should have stayed. If you've seen the movie, then you know what the answer is. But no matter what, Burton's interpretation of Time has serious style! Careful going through doorways, now! You might need to go sideways.
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