Panasonic AK-UB300 4K HDR Multi-Purpose Camera
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Offer updated on 3/30/2023
<b> 4K Multi Purpose Camera with UHD/HD Simultaneous Output and 2/3 type lens mount </b>This 4K multipurpose camera shows its potential in a wide range of situations, from live sports and other event broadcasting to studio recording and aerial shooting. Two sensitivity modes (high sensitivity and normal) can be selected according to the shooting environment. The usability has also greatly improved with the newly developed haze reduction technology and transmission with a single cable operation is possible when the 12G Output Board is replaced with 3G TICO UHD Output Board.This camera comes standard with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) function that is equipped on Panasonic Studio Cameras. Our original HDR adjustment function makes possible video expression with a higher level of realism. Additionally, AK-UB300GJ is also equipped with the focus assist function as well as an HD cropping function from 4K video. It can also perform HD-IP streaming output and IP control so the system can be centrally managed with Studio Camera AK and Integrated Camera AW series, enabling flexible and expandable utilization.<b> 4K Optical System </b>The 4K large format sensor can use 2/3 type lens without an adapter and the conversion lens designed for large format sensor realizes the excellent video quality. Its new optical system makes maximum use of incident light to achieve the wide dynamic range.<b> UHD/HD Simultaneous Output </b>Supports simultaneous UHD/HD output, which enables to select the video output according to the application. Following formats are supported.<b> Cropping Function </b>In addition to capturing the entire scene, up to three specified areas in the scene can be cropped and displayed. The area specified can be instantly switched using the controller.<b> Haze Reduction Function </b>For installations in places where haze tends to occur, this function performs correction for a subject with low contrast to make the image clearer. Three settings can be selected for the compensation level.<b> Flash Band Compensation </b>Using a high-precision flash band detection and compensation function for the camera signal processing LSI, enables elimination of the flash band phenomenon (light and dark areas appearing in the same frame) that occurs when a flash goes off during shooting.<b> Wide Range of Color Correction Functions </b>Color saturation and hue can be finely adjusted individually by 12-axis color correction and linear matrix. Moreover, an independent skin color adjustment function (SKIN CORRECTION) enables fine color expression.<b> Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) Function </b>The DRS function automatically suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights. When dark and bright areas are present in the same scene, such as when looking outside from indoors, DRS can maintain a high level of gradation expression in dark, bright and intermediate tones. This minimizes...
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