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<b>What'S New In Acid Pro 10?</b>ACID Pro 10 is better than ever, and comes packed with even more creative tools, instruments and effects plus the latest audio technology. Use the power of the new ACID Morph Pads for endless remixing ideas, or play ACID like an instrument with the all-new version of the MIDI Playable Chopper. Explore the new world of ACID Pro!<b>New! Acid Pro In-App Store - Your Shortcut To Inspiration</b>With ACID Pro you get all the sounds, instruments und functions of your choice. Customize your DAW and choose exactly what you've always wanted in the integrated store! Clear and straightforward.<b>ACID Morph Pads Experiment with sound in a playful way</b>The new ACID Morph Pads offer endless possibilities for your sound design. Simply assign audio tracks, instruments or busses to the pad with just one click, morph sounds and effects with various modulations of FX targets, and experiment in a playful way. Smash through creative boundaries with a unique approach inspired by legendary hardware audio effects units.<b>Brainworx bx ACID Plug-in Package The powerful state-of-the-art FX package from Brainworx.</b><b>bx_oberhausen</b>The bx_oberhausen draws deeply from Brainworx Audio's extensive experience of working with analog audio equipment to creatively craft world class mixing and mastering plugins. As the cutting-edge company's highly-anticipated first Virtual Instrument, it effectively revisits an acclaimed analog synthesizer expander module much loved by generations of musicians for its sought-after sound. The sound itself is reliant on fully-analog, discrete circuits and a classic state-variable 2-pole filter. Some of the key features which have never been done before on this synth is a powerful unison mode, M/S Technology and the signature Brainworx Audio Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT).<b>bx_townhouse Buss Compressor</b>Built in 1978 by the legendary Townhouse studio engineers, this unique compressor was created using console components supplied by Solid State Logic (SSL). The only hardware unit ever made was now perfectly recreated by Brainworx. The bx_townhouse Buss Compressor is the ultimate companion for your mix buss, offering just a touch more vibe and mojo than a standard British console buss compressor. The original unit was built in a time when there simply wasn't an external console buss compressor available for sale, and was used heavily during the 80s and beyond by some of the biggest names in rock, including Queen, Sting, Muse, and many more<b>bx_delay 2500</b>The bx_delay 2500 has been developed by Brainworx from the ground up and features a clear, intuitive interface that allows you to get to the delay effect you want quickly. Its glitch-free delays are perfect for automated delay time changes for stunning non-static sounds. bx_delay 2500 has all you need to create everything from simple delay patches to experimental...
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