Concord 30' Satin Finish Excell Internal Halyard Flagpole
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<div><p><span style=font-size: large;><b>Why Buy </b><b>Excell™ Internal Halyard Flagpole?</b></span></p><p>The Excell™ Internal Halyard Flagpole is one of Carrot-Top’s best values in a low-maintenance, tamper-proof flagpole. Its ingenious internal halyard system allows you to raise and lower the flag via a winch and hand crank assembly. The winch assembly is secured behind a lockable panel near the flagpole’s base and cannot be accessed without a key. This security feature makes internal halyard flagpoles a great choice for flag displays that are off-site, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing your flag is flying undisturbed even when you can’t be there to check up on it.</p><p>Bronze finish Excell™ flagpoles are anodized, using a process that electrically bonds the finish to the metal. The anodized flagpole is then coated with a sealant, making it more resistant to corrosion from high humidity or salt air. Resistance to corrosion can also mean a longer service life for your flags, preventing them from being stained or snagging on pitted areas of the metal.</p><p>Note: Satin finish Excell™ Internal Halyard Flagpoles do not come with an anodized finish from the factory, but an anodized coat can be ordered on request, please call us at 800-628-3524 to request this custom finish.</p><p>Every Excell™ Flagpole purchase includes the following components:</p><ul><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/aluminum-ball-flagpole-ornament>Gold Ball Ornament Top</a></li><li>Revolving Truck</li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-cable-kits-for-excelltm-internal-halyard-flagpoles>Internal Steel Cable</a></li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-flash-collars>Flash Collar</a></li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flag-arrangement>Flag Arrangement</a> for attaching flag</li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-connecting-link>Connecting Link</a></li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-retainer-ring>Retainer Ring</a></li><li><a href=https://carrot-top.com/item/flagpole-counter-weight>Counterweight</a></li><li>Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve</li></ul><p> </p></div><p>Excell™ Flagpole Spe
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