Paul David Hardy Improving the Quality of ABAP Code Soft cover

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Gain an in-depth understanding of the large number of common problems found in ABAP programs and have a robust methodology for fixing problems when you find them. This book also shows you how to prevent them from occurring in new programs. A large chunk of the world’s biggest organizations use SAP software and virtually all of them have very large amounts of custom code. However, a lot of that custom code is not as good as it could be. In this book we look at why object-oriented programming is the basic building block for improved program quality and at the test-driven development that this enables. We cover the three pillars of clarity, stability, and high performance on which a high-quality ABAP program stands. You will then move on to the user interface, which needs its own set of standards for high quality. In the final chapters, you will learn about specialist topics such as user exits, making sure code will run on the latest releases of SAP, and how to add your own automated custom code quality checks. What You Will Learn Know why object-oriented programming and test-driven development are the cornerstones of high-quality custom code Ensure that the three pillars of clarity, stability, and high performance are fulfilled Make sure your applications are user friendly Ensure that your custom code works on newer SAP releases Create your own custom code quality checks Who This Book Is For ABAP developers who started yesterday or have been programming for 20 years
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