Sergio Guerrero Custom Fiori Applications in SAP HANA Soft cover

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Features and technical details

Get started building custom Fiori applications for your enterprise. This book teaches you how to design, build, and deploy enterprise-ready, custom Fiori applications in SAP HANA. Tips and tricks collected from projects using Fiori applications (built consuming OData models and REST APIs) and integrating third-party JS libraries are presented. Also included are examples using Fiori templates from different tools such as the SAP Web IDE and the new Visual Studio Code extensions. This book explains the 5 design principles that all Fiori applications are built upon: Role-based, Responsive, Coherent, Simple, and Delightful. The book expands on consuming OData services and REST APIs internal and external to SAP HANA. The Fiori application exercise demonstrates the use of the MVC pattern, JavaScript modularization, reuse of SAP UI5 controls, debugging, and the tools required for a complete scenario. The book closes with an exercise showcasing a finished single page application with multiple views and layouts, navigation between the views, and deployment of the application to AWS. This book is simple enough for entry-level developers getting started in web frameworks but also highlights integration points from the data models being consumed from the application, and shows how the application communicates with back-end services, resulting in a complete front-end custom Fiori application. What You Will Learn Know the 5 Fiori design principles Understand how to consume OData and REST API models Apply the MVC pattern using XML views and the SAP UI5 controls along with controller behavior in JavaScript Debug and deploy the application Who This Book is For Web developers and application leads who have some experience in JavaScript frameworks and web development and understand web protocol communication
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