Robot Vacuum Co iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Black

Features and technical details

Highly ranked as having beyond exceptional cleaning abilities, the iClebo O5 has a Wi-Fi smart app that adds several functions to this vacuum that normal cleaners cannot acheive. Whether you're at home or away this unit can automatically start cleaning your entire home or clean the areas of your desire. Because of its advance mapping system and the camera capturing technology, this slim 3.4 inch robot leaves no area of cleaning undone. Designed with 19 built in detection sensors, the model YCR-M07-20W can calculate angles and navigational pathways to help manuever around obstacles for a more efficient cleaning experience. It can automatically return to the charger when the battery is low and resuming cleaning from its last destination when it finishes charging. This 7.1 lb. vacuum cleaner has 120 minutes of cleaning time with a turbo mode that automatically activates more suction power when it detects heavy dirt, dust and pet hairs. At 13.9W x 13.6L, this device comes with a tangle-free V6 brush blade and 2 deep corner side brushes for cleaning the hard to reach places underneath beds, sofas, tables and furniture. The iClebo O5 robot vacuum cleaner finally puts free time on your hands while it does all the hard work for you. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Robot Vacuum Co iClebo O5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner in Black
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