Corally COR49623 8000 mAh 7.6V 2S 120C Voltax Hardcase Lipo Battery - 4 mm

$96.32 - $107.68 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>Every home needs an electronics expert, someone who can decide if it makes sense to buy the latest equipments. If you are a gadget freak, our Electronics catalog is your dream destination. If you&rsquo;re still stuck at the basics, our elaborate product specifications shall handhold you through the purchase. </p><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Battery Capacity:</b> 8000 mAh</li><li><b>LiPo Type:</b> LI-HV</li><li><b>Battery Configuration:</b> 2S2P</li><li><b>Voltage (V):</b> 7.6 V</li><li><b>Capacity (mAh):</b> 138.5 mm</li><li><b>Width (mm):</b> 47 mm</li><li><b>Cont. C Rate:</b> 120 C</li><li><b>Height (mm):</b> 25 mm</li><li><b>Competition Approved:</b> EFRA - BRCA</li><li><b>Max charge C rate:</b> 3 C</li><li><b>Power Connector:</b> 4 mm Bullet</li><li><b>Balance connector:</b> 2 mm Bullet</li><li><b>Type of case:</b> Stick Hard Case</li><li><b>Energy Wh:</b> 60.8 Wh</li></ul>
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