Kandao Kata Kandao Qoocam 8K Enterprise 360 Live Streaming Camera

$1,449.00 - $1,999.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<b>In-camera 8K 30FPS 360 Live Solution: QooCam 8K Enterprise</b>1.5X sensor, Max 150mbps bitrate, Super-high Resolution,Professional quality<b>1.5X Bigger Sensor & Customized Lenses for Better Image</b>With two 1 / 1.7" 20MP sensors, QooCam 8K Enterprise's photosensitive area is 1.5 times that of 1 / 2.3"sensor. Its customized lenses and higher signal-to-noise ratio also contribute to clearer image with more details contained, especially in complex light situations.• Excellent image with more details• Film-level ISP adjustment for more natural and real images• Higher dynamic range for various light conditions• Built-in noise reduction algorithm for live streaming• Clear image in low light• 1/1.7" Sensor• 20 MP• 1.5X camera sensitive area<b>In-camera Stitching & Live Streaming, Efficient 5G 8K VR Live</b>5G Ethernet port allows easy connection with 5G network• In-camera realtime live streaming, no need for an expensive PC computer• Supporting rtmp, rtmps and rtsp<b>Take it Anywhere Anytime, Setup within 5 Minutes</b><b>Multiple Ways to Preview/Adjust & More Flexible</b>ISO 100-6400• White Balance Five modes• Encoding format H.265/H.264• Bitrate 1-150Mbps• Resolution 8K/4K<b>Start Streaming Automatically Once Plugged in, Easier to Remote Control</b>The camera will turn on and start live streaming once it is plugged in, and instantly stop when it is powered off, convenient for live streaming in scenic resorts, factories, outdoor, etc.<b>Best Outdoor 360 Live Camera</b>With a rainproof case, QooCam 8K Enterprise can reliably and stably transmit live streaming data for long time even if it rains outdoors.<b>Nadir Patch</b>You can put your logo or other image on the nadir, useful for displaying information.<b>3.5mm Mic Port for Professional Audio</b>Professional image quality and sound quality for a more infectious and immersive live streaming experience.<b>12-bit Raw Pictures & 10-bit Video</b>• Better image quality and more flexibility in post production• 10bit video provides 4 times the color depth compared to 8bit video• 12bit images contain image information 16 times compared to 8bit<b>Workflow+1, Solutions+N</b>• Support multi-protocol, RTMP and RTMPS• Any180 Degree view from 360 Degree live broadcast• Any Resolution up to 7680*3840• Any Bitrate up to 150Mbps<b>Real-time Live Broadcast Production</b>• QooCam LiveReal-time color correction for the stream. Supports up to two picture-in-picture• Multiple type of pictures is available, such as local video, local picture, HDMI capture, and RTMP live streaming
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