Lilliput 969A/O/P 9.7-Inch On-Camera Field Monitor

$329.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Lilliput 969A/O/P is a 9.7-Inch 4:3 IPS LED HD broadcast monitor that offers various connections such as dual HDMI input and output, composite and component input/output, L/R audio output, and a tally output. Also included with the monitor is a detachable sun hood for better outdoor performance. The monitor can be optimized for studio and video editing work. 9.7-Inch IPS LED HD Monitor. The 9.7-inch LCD used in 969A/O/P is the ideal size for a small broadcast monitor. The 969A/O/P monitor is large enough to pick out the finest details in a shot, but also small enough to fit on any desk. High-Resolution 1024x768. High resolution is important to broadcast monitors because the higher resolution, the more detail you see. The physical high resolution (1024×768 pixels) provides clarity at an aspect ratio that works well with 16:9 content and 4:3 content. 600:1 Contrast Ratio. Lilliput understand that accurate color representation is a vital attribute of a broadcast monitor. That's why 969A/O/P features a 600:1 contrast ratio LCD with IPS technology. Wide Viewing Angles. Broadcast monitors are often viewed by many different people at all angles, so the 178 degree viewing angle ensures the content does not get distorted. 1:1 Pixel Mapping. The 969A/O/P monitor features a 1:1 pixel mapping that allows you to maintain the original resolution of your cameras output and avoid any unexpected focus issues in post-production. Advanced Monitor Function. Providing advanced camera auxiliary functions, the Lilliput monitor features peaking and focus assist tools. Other advanced functions also include false color, histogram, and exposure. Lilliput's field monitors are great at displaying accurate images; 969A/O/P makes photo and recording even easier with its functionality. HDMI Video Output. The 969A/O/P monitor includes an HDMI-output feature which allows users to duplicate the video content onto a second monitor - no annoying HDMI splitters required. The second monitor can be a
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