Smiffys Mermaid Girls Costume - Purple/Green - Size: Small

$29.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Does your little girl have a certain spark for adventure? Do you have to beg and bribe to get her out of the pool or bathtub? When you go to the beach whether it's lakeside or seaside does she delight in gathering shells and water smoothed stones? She might have a case of mermaid-itis for which the only cure is to dress like a mermaid. Sure, you might think, if you're trying to cure mermaid-itis, why would you dress your little girl up like a mermaid? How is that going to sure her obsession? Well, you know when you have a song stuck in your head the only way to get it out is to listen to it? The mermaid cure lies somewhere along those lines. However, mermaid obsessions often are a lifelong preoccupation and if her love of the underwater lifestyle never subsides then there isn't anything to worry about. She'll probably become a cool surfer chick when she grows up. In the meantime, this costume is super adorable. It'll be perfectly sweet for her under the sea birthday bash or for trick-or-treating fun. She'll definitely want to slip on the teal fin skirt when she's playing dress up with all her mer-friends after school. With all this mer-madness maybe you should start serving cocktail shrimp instead of milk and cookies. Just a thought. If we're being honest, there is no cure for mermaid love. Why would you want to cure something so delightful? In fact, the majority of employees at Halloweencostumes.com have mermaid-itis to one degree or another. So now you know, your little girl is in good company, she and the rest of the mermaid enthusiasts on this blue planet of ours are sure to get along swimmingly.
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