Leica Q2 Compact Digital Camera

$4,499.00 - $5,795.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<b> Leica Q2 Every great story deserves a sequel </b> The Leica Q2 features a brand new 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor, integrated weather sealing throughout the body and built-in Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 lens, a brand new electronic viewfinder, lightning-fast autofocus and burst shooting, 4K video, a revised button layout and refined design. <b> Main Features and Benefits: </b> • Newly developed 47.3 MP full frame sensor for best-in-class image quality • Built-in crop modes are now improved to 30 MP at 35 mm, 15 MP at 50 mm, and 7 MP at a new 75 mm • Fully weather-sealed to brave the elements and always get the shot while maintaining a compact body • New 3.68 MP OLED EVF for an improved view of the scene with better color and clarity • Fixed Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens for tack-sharp images and impeccable low-light quality • New processor from the Maestro II family ensuring peak performance at these new heights of resolution • Fast autofocus and 10 fps burst shooting to never miss a crucial moment • 4K video with UHD and Cine4K resolutions for easy on-the-go high quality recording • Refined control elements inspired by design languages established with the Leica M10 and CL • Made in Germany for the most premium quality materials and craftsmanship • Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) for easier pairing with Leica FOTOS and a continuous connection • The perfect everyday-carry lightweight travel companion with image quality capable of pro-level output <b> New Sensor With 95% More Resolution Than Its Predecessor </b> The Leica Q2's newly developed 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor boasts the highest resolution in its class. Matched with the high resolving power of its built-in Summilux lens, the Leica Q2 goes beyond the conventional use-cases of a 28 mm focal length via its built-in crop functions for equivalent focal lengths of 35 mm, 50 mm, and the newly available 75 mm - bringing with it more possibilities in the world of portraiture and close-up work. This new sensor maintains a 30 MP image when cropped to a 35 mm equivalent frame, even more than the original Leica Q's maximum of 24 MP at 28 mm. When shooting cropped DNG files the full sensor image is still recorded, allowing the user to undo or change the crop during postprocessing. These newfound heights of resolution and flexibility, combined with high ISO performance and a fast aperture make the Leica Q2 the perfect companion for all areas of street, architectural, landscape, travel, documentary, reportage and even portrait photography. <b> Weather Sealing And Improved Battery Life </b> The Leica Q2's IP52-certified weather sealing protects the camera from dust, rain and water spray and ensures users can photograph under challenging environmental conditions. The adoption of the BPSCL4 battery from the Leica SL boosts battery life by 30% over the original Leica Q, and its built-in rubber...
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