FUN Costumes Plus Size Men's Wrestling Legend Costume - Red/Yellow - Size: 3X

$25.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Living the DreamIt’s a tough path to earn the title of Champ. They don’t just hand out championship belts to anyone that wants one. You need to train your body and mind. You need to wrestle a roster of tough opponents. You’ll probably have to engage in a tag team match or a battle royale to claim your title as the greats of all time! You might even need to body slam a guy or two. You’d better start crafting your image now if you want to climb your way to the top.First up, you’re going to need some bright colors. Every wrestler worth their salt needs to grab the attention of every spectator in the ring, so you’d better be rocking some blazing yellows and brilliant reds. Second, you’re going to want an outfit that showcases your mighty guns (your biceps). After all, you want to give the crowd a show, right? Well, lucky for you, we happen to have the perfect outfit for an up and coming wrestling star.Design & DetailsThis plus size Wrestling Legend costume for men will have you looking like a mighty warrior in the ring! It comes with a bright yellow spandex tank top, which has the phrase “Wrestling Legend” printed on the front. The red pants stretch to fit and have an elastic waistband. The adjustable belt also has “Wrestling Legend” printed on it. The red bandana ties around your head and it also has “Wrestling Legend” printed on it. The entire outfit combines for a look that’s ready for the ring!Ring ReadyOnce you have this outfit on, you’ll be ready to take on any opponent! Just make sure that you start growing some wicked facial hair right now! We all know that the best wrestlers of all time had a killer mustache.
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