FUN Costumes Frida Kahlo Women's Plus Size Costume - Black/Orange/Yellow - Size: 1X

$34.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Frida Be, You and MeFrida Kahlo captivated the world with her originality, her creativity, and her devil may care attitude. And her art! Don't even get us started—the woman was and is, to this day, one of the most intriguing figures in history. Whether you're an art history teacher, a gallery owner, or simply a longtime lover of her original character, this Women' Plus Size Frida Kahlo Costume will suit your own unique style this Halloween!You've spent a long time trying to become your own person, so this look is perfect for an independent original, such as yourself! Of course, there can only be on Frida Kahlo, but for tonight, at least, it can be you! And one of the most fun aspects of being Frida, of course, is not caring what anyone thinks of you! Refreshing, no? So throw on this effortlessly gorgeous costume in Frida's signature style, and prepare to take the world by storm!Design & DetailsBefore the fashion industry praised the trendy mixing of prints, Frida was living it! She knew how to create a physical appearance that would live in as much infamy as her name. Which is why our costume studio took such care to craft this licensed look with authenticity, with layers of a top and shawl over a peasant skirt. The top is vibrant yellow with a red floral design, while the skirt is navy with a wide white hem, bold orange stripe, and complementary pattern. The shawl has fringe, of course, while the included headband enables you to recreate Frida's signature braided and floral hairstyle. Paint Your Own RealityThere's no telling what your holiday may hold when you're dressed as Frida. At the very least, you'll be celebrated and lauded for your original costume everywhere you go! You can team up with a Diego counterpart, or you can fly solo for the night. Frida lived for adventure, mystery, and inspiration, so don't feel the need to plan your night out too carefully!
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