FUN Costumes Wolf Princess Women's Costume - Green/Brown - Size: Extra Large

$29.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

A BALANCE OF FLAIR AND CARE It's not as easy to live with the title of a princess as most would assume.  There are a ton of different lessons that you have to survive through, near all of them about history, poetry, and then a handful of other obligatory trades of the nobility, like sewing or tending to the wolves.  Wait, wolves!?  Well, if you're born into the right kingdom, perhaps you do get a bit more fun than the other houses, at least!  Bare the crest of your mighty wolf-head house and stride through your lands with the full confidence that nothing could ever go wrong for your family, especially when you walk side by side with the powerful and noble creatures of the wilds.  Just make sure that you're up on your heraldry.  You never know when some other house will come tromping in.  Knowing the nuances of the game of houses might save your life! DESIGN & DETAILS Our own house's designers have sworn allegiance to yours and come up with this elegant and exclusive look just for you.  This Wolf Princess Costume is a full-length gown of luxurious stretch velvet.  The arms have wide tapered sleeves, for whether you will be waving at your loving people or hiding a dagger for your protection.  Your neckline features silver embroidered applique for a royal accent.  And, if that weren't enough, you'll show off that wild nature with an exquisite brown and black fur capelet!  Add a crown or filigree headpiece and you might soon be Queen of the Kingdoms! THE WOLF IS COMING Folks might be all up in arms about a dreadful season or any number of attacks from other kingdoms.  But, what they should be worried about is the arrival of a princess decked out in the regalia of her house of wolves!  They'll be in for a stark realization when you come for the crown.
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