FUN Costumes Sweet Dee Always Sunny Princess Costume - Red/Pink - Size: Small

$29.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Little Baby BoyThe Nightman Cometh needs a princess! Are you in?It’s not every day that you get the chance to be in a musical created by the talented musical genius, Charlie Kelly. Well, maybe calling Charlie a genius is stretching it just a little bit. Alright, maybe calling Charlie a genius is stretching it a LOT, but it’s still a chance for you to be the center of attention while you sing your song! And what song will you be singing? Well, it’s called Little Baby Boy and it’s great! It’s about… well, maybe the song is a bit suggestive, but at least it’s better than his other songs. You know, those ones about spiders…If you’re still in, then you’re going to need a costume for the performance. That’s where this Sweet Dee Princess costume comes into play.Design & DetailsThis Sweet Dee costume is officially licensed from the FX series, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It comes with costume dress that is designed to recreate the look of Sweet Dee Reynolds’ outfit from The Nightman Cometh episode. It’s a light pink color with dark pink along the bodice. It also has gold colored lacing across the front and a red brooch around the neck. The maroon apron adds a pop of color that is sure to make you stand out on stage. Just pair it up with your favorite pair of sneakers and a tiara to be completely stage ready!Just to be ClearNow, if you want to dress up and perform in The Nightman Cometh musical, then you might need to talk to Charlie about changing that song. Better yet, maybe you could cook up your own song to make sure the audience doesn’t get the wrong idea about you after you his song.
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