FUN Costumes Vulture Costume for Adults - Black/Brown - Size: Extra Large

$29.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Unhappy TrailsThe sun is high on the plains. The sea of dry grass is endless, no trees to be seen. Nothing but rock cliffs, grass, and searing blue sky to see. You can imagine that life on this desert-like landscape wouldn't be easy. There are rodents shuffling the seeds from the grass. There are snakes that lay in wait to eat the rodents. And every so often there's a lonesome coyote that slinks along and eats a snake. It's an opportunistic country. And every so often, humans dare to cross those plains. Maybe they're lost. Maybe they think they'll find their fortune. One thing's for sure, once they're in the middle of those plains, those folks are part of that opportunistic ecosystem. If you've ever played Oregon Trail then you know there are plenty of ways to go. Maryjane died of dysentery. Hank died of a snake bite. And once that happens, Maryjane and Hank are the property of the infamous vulture. The one creature that rules over a dry wasteland like this one!Product Details & DesignTransforming into this ultimate recycling bird is easy when you have this wicked vulture costume. The tunic is made of both brown and black fabric with ragged sleeves that slip over your arms with elastic straps. A faux feather texture frames the red vulture head-sculpted hood. Finish off the look with the brown tights and huge claws that cover the shoes of your choice. Taking WingMaybe you're pairing up with some pals for a safari themed party. Maybe you're putting together a whole flock of vultures for an interesting twist to a zombie pub crawl. Maybe you just wanted to represent one of the world's more under-appreciated birds for your next Halloween party. Whatever reason you have for dressing like a buzzard, this costume is sure to go over well or at least it'll ruffle some feathers! 
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