Monoprice MP80 Aluminum In-Ear Earphone Balanced Armature Driver and Dynamic Driver with Three Tuning Nozzles

$82.24 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<br><br> The Monoprice™ MP80 In-Ear Earphones deliver extraordinary sonic fidelity in a stylish package. Utilizing balanced armatures and dynamic drivers enclosed in an aluminum housing, the MP80 delivers exceptional clarity and sonic detail, with deep bass and a smooth midrange. Tuning nozzles allow you to tailor the sound to your liking – you can go for accuracy or add a dash of extended bass or treble response. <br><br> <br> Balanced Armature Aluminum Housing Tuning Nozzles <br><br> Balanced Armature: A balanced armature driver handles all the midrange and upper frequencies, while a dynamic driver handles all the low end bass. The drivers work in tandem to craft a detailed sonic landscape with exceptional imaging, linearity, and impact. Aluminum Housing: The MP80 is encased in a lightweight, durable aluminum housing with an acoustic chamber that helps deliver an expansive soundstage and premium sonic fidelity. Crafted with CNC technology, the MP80 features a diamond cut finish for a quality appearance that complements the audio quality. Tuning Nozzles: The MP80 comes with three pairs of tuning nozzles that can tailor the sound to your preference. The black nozzles offer a brighter...
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