Samsung QN55LST7T The Terrace Outdoor 55" 4K Smart LED TV

$3,497.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

QLED designed for the outdoors The 55" QN55LST7T is the baby in Samsung's all-new family of outdoor TVs called "The Terrace." Its brilliantly detailed 4K QLED picture remains vivid, even in daylight. The QN55LST7T has a full-array backlight with local dimming (FALD), plus built-in Wi-Fi and a full suite of web streaming apps. Those are features you don't often find on outdoor TVs. Protection against dust, rain, heat, and cold The reason outdoor TVs cost so much more than regular TVs is their weatherproof design and construction - there's just no cheap or easy way to do it right. Samsung designed the QN55LST7T to be resistant to extreme temperatures, as well as to resist water and dust. Premium 4K picture quality The QN55LST7T produces a vivid picture in the full-shade and partial-sun locations for which it's intended - in fact, it's one of the brightest 4K TVs we carry. In addition to high brightness, the LED backlight's precisely controlled dimming zones provide impressive contrast and black levels. Samsung also included their powerful Quantum Processor 4K, which performs several tasks, including upconverting non-4K content so that it looks sharp and detailed on this 4K screen. If you also want an outdoor TV that's great for gaming, you're in luck. Samsung's Real Game Enhancer+ improves motion clarity to reduce halo and blur, and supports variable refresh rate for smooth gaming graphics without frame tearing or stuttering. The QN55LST7T's built-in speakers provide adequate sound, but if you want to enjoy top-notch audio quality to match the lifelike 4K picture, we suggest pairing this TV with Samsung's matching HW-LST70T sound bar . Built-in Apple TV app, and cool voice control options Like Samsung's entire 2020 4K TV lineup, this one includes the Apple TV streaming app, so you can rent, buy, and watch titles from Apple's video library, and subscribe to Apple TV channels, with just a wired or wireless internet connection. The QN55LST7T also supports Apple? AirPl
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