Spypoint Cell-Link Universal Cellular Adapter for Verizon Network

$39.97 - $79.94 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Spypoint Cell-Link takes scouting to the next level, the cellular level, by turning virtually any current non-cellular camera into a cellular-capable device. Take advantage of the Spypoint experience and the advanced digital scouting features that come with it. Cell-Link comes with seven days of FREE unlimited photo transfer and Avid scouting package. Universal CompatibilityCell-Link can turn virtually any non-cellular camera that uses a standard SD card slot into a cellular trail camera. Cell-Link uses the SD card slot to access the camera's images and send them to the Spypoint mobile app. Discrete DesignCell-Link is ultra-compact to avoid drawing unwanted attention to a camera location. The compact design also means multiple Cell-Link adapters will fit in most scouting bags, along with cameras. Easy ActivationYou purchase the photo transmission plans directly with Spypoint, which makes it simpler than many cellular camera providers. Each unit comes with a pre-activated SIM card, making the activation a simple 3-step process. Free Monthly Plan OfferedThe free plan transfers 100 images every month to the Spypoint App. Flexible PlansYou can pay for what you need. If you have a camera in a spot that will result in more pictures, you can choose one of the paid plans, while another camera runs on the free plan. Convert any trail camera with a standard SD card slot to a cellular cam Transmits photos to your phone over the Verizon network Free 100 photos per month Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included) Requires user-supplied microSD card
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