Panasonic AW-HR140 Full HD IP65 Integrated Outdoor Remote PTZ Camera

$16,950.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<b> Outdoor integrated remote camera that maintains stable recording performance in the toughest of environments </b> Outdoor housing and camera, lens and pan head are integrated in this remote camera system. The camera is equipped with the same Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and 1/2.86 type full HD 3MOS sensors as in the AW-HE130W/K. High sensitivity, high S/N ratio and high resolution are achieved by advanced video processing. In addition to the functions of the AW-HE130W/K, mechanisms needed for shooting outdoors are enhanced as well. Flexible operation is achieved by features compatible with tough outdoor environments such as resistance to water and dust, wind pressure and severe salt damage, as well as hot environments. <b> 1/2.86-type 3MOS sensors for high-level video capture and production </b> Equipped with the same 1/2.86-type full HD 3MOS sensors and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) as AW-HE130W/K, AW-HR140 realizes high sensitivity, a high S/N ratio and high resolution through the use of advanced video processing. <b> High Performance 20x Zoom Lens/1.4x Digital Extender Zoom </b> In addition to a sharp, fast F1.6, 20x optical zoom lens, the AW-HR140 is equipped with an innovative 1.4x digital extender that can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video. <b> Haze Reduction Function </b> For installations in places where haze tends to occur, this function performs correction for a subject with low contrast to make the image clearer. Three settings can be selected for the compensation level. • White-tinged images are reduced and overall contrast is improved. • Intensity of haze reduction effect can be adjusted manually according to the density of haze. • Haze reduction level can be selected from three stages: low, mid and high. <b> Resistance to wind pressure </b> All functions are guaranteed to operate in wind speeds of up to 15 m/s. Basic performance is maintained at wind speeds of up to 50 m/s without destruction of the camera. <b> Resistance to severe salt damage and compatibility with hot environments </b> Aluminum and other metal parts are coated to protect against severe salt damage, enabling installation in seaside areas subject to salt air. PBT/PPS plastic is employed for the exterior, giving excellent heat resistance. <b> Defroster for temperatures down to -15 deg.C (5 deg.F) </b> Frosting, icing and condensation are prevented by heating in environments as cold as -15 deg.C (5 deg.F). Even in blizzards, snow that hits the glass surface melts off to maintain visibility. <b> Lens wiper </b> The lens part is kept clear even when used in harsh environments. The wiper can be controlled by a remote camera controller (AW-RP120G/RP50) if connected to the control terminal of a commercially available washer unit from the camera's washer control terminal. <b>...
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