Rubies Pet Minion Costume - Blue - Size: Small

$26.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Planning on going bad sometime soon? Do you want to start stealing the most valued riches in the world and keep them all to yourself? Do you want to be known as the most powerful villain in the entire world? Well, then you should know that behind every super villain is a team of amazingly loyal Minions. Now, we can’t help you with an army of these goofy yellow guys but we can hook you up with one!You already know your pooch as the most loyal little fur ball in your life right now, so he is obviously going to be your right-hand guy while you go down your path of destruction. Grab this Minion Pet Costume and transform your pup into the cutest henchman anyone has ever laid eyes on. It will be perfect. Your dog will look so adorable that everyone will assume that he’s got to be good. Then BLAMO! You’ve got the element of surprise on your side! Whatever villainous plan you plot with your doggo in this costume will surely be successful.
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