Cisco UCS 2208XP Fabric Extender - Expansion module - 10 GigE - 8 ports - with 16 x Cisco 10G Line Extender for FEX (FET-10G) - for UCS B200 M3 Blade

$7,294.94 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Environmental monitoring. It removes the need for chassis management modules. Fabric PortChannel. It provides flexibility to bundle fabric ports in a PortChannel. Unified fabric. It decreases TCO by reducing the number of network interface cards (NICs), host bus adapters (HBAs), switches, and cables needed. Management by Cisco UCS manager. It reduces TCO by removing management modules from the chassis, making the chassis stateless. Provides a single, highly available management domain for all system chassis, reducing administrative tasks. Scalable bandwidth. It reduces TCO by optimizing overall system capacity to match actual workload demands. Lossless fabric. It provides a reliable, robust foundation for unifying LAN and SAN traffic on a single transport. Auto-configuration. It simplifies operation by automatically synchronizing firmware levels between the fabric extenders and interconnects. Systemwide bandwidth management. It enables consistent and coherent quality-of-service (QoS) management throughout the system. Automatic failover. It increases availability with an active-active data plane. Priority flow control (PFC). It simplifies management of multiple traffic flows over a single network link. Supports different classes of service, enabling both lossless and classic Ethernet on the same fabric.
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