IOGear UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter

$399.95 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<b>Broadcast-Level AV Capture, Mix, Effects & Control for Live Streaming</b>Capture and create customized, high-quality video with professional effects from multiple sources and control your program via a smartphone with the UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter. Along with the FREE UpStream Essentials App, you'll get the essential pro tools needed to create a customized, broadcast-level video finish in real-time that's ready to stream.The UpStream Pro Dual Video Capture Adapter is perfect for adding a professional-level finish to your videos, taking them to the next level.<b>Take Your Video to the Next Level</b>Add a high-quality camera and mic to dramatically improve the quality of your Zoom or Teams presentations, customize your YouTube videos for a wider audience, or enhance live streaming programs from an Android phone or a game console.<b>Make Live Streams More Dynamic With Broadcast-Quality Finish</b>Easily create dynamic videos with eight (8) preset scenes, add studio video editing effects like Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and split screens; resize and crop images and customize green-screen backgrounds with the chroma key tool.<b>Capture</b>Capture and mix HD and 4K video and audio from multiple sources, including HDMI, RCA, and XLR microphone inputs.<b>Create</b>Create engaging videos with scene presets and by adding studio effects like Picture-in-Picture and split-screen. Effortlessly customize green-screen backgrounds with the chroma key feature.<b>Control</b>Control your entire program right from the UpStream Essentials App on your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless, freeing up a desktop or laptop to run OBS Studios or other streaming software. Or stream directly from your smartphone via mobile streaming software.<b>Improve Your Video Quality & Add a 2nd Camera</b>Capture and mix HD and 4K video by adding up to two (2) high-quality cameras with 4K resolutions to significantly improve video image quality over an existing webcam. A second camera adds another perspective to your video calls and Team chat sessions and doubles for in-person interviews, trainings, presentations, video podcasts, or any two-camera program need.<b>Improve Your Audio Quality - Add a Pro Microphone & Audio Equipment</b>Excellent audio is a must-have for professional-quality live streams and recordings. Adding a dedicated microphone and managing audio levels is a breeze with the Dual Capture Adapter. Capture, mix and manage audio from multiple sources, including HDMI, RCA, and XLR microphone inputs; even add an audio mixer board for more audio inputs as needed.<b>Mix Audio & Video Easily With the UpStream Essentials App</b>Mix right from your smartphone with the UpStream Essentials App for both Android and iPhone. Control your program right from your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless to free up a desktop or laptop running streaming software or...
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