Demco Air Force One Tow Vehicle Braking System

$1,349.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Air Force One delivers 100%, direct proportional towed car braking with no adjustments or start-up of an electronic vacuum pump after installation. Just connect the air line from the coach to the towed car and you're ready to tow. The Air Force One functions with 3 main components: the Operating Unit, the Actuator, and the Coach Air Assembly. The Operating Unit mounts under the hood of the towed vehicle, completely out of sight, and houses the vacuum generator for the towed car's power assist plus the reserve air supply for the breakaway circuit. The Brake Actuator is palm-sized, so it easily mounts on the brake arm of the towed vehicle and secures to the firewall with just one screw. Using no pulleys, this proprietary, compact, and completely linear design makes binding and troublesome cable hang-ups virtually impossible. The Coach Air Assembly provides Total Coach Protection - an exclusive Air Force One process that separates and protects the air supply on the coach - in order to meet federal regulations (FMVSS 121) and chassis warranty requirements when using air brakes. Should the towed vehicle separate or towing system fail, the coach air is protected. The Coach Air Assembly is pre-assembled and pre-tested for function and leaks. Only 12" x 10" x 6", it offers flexible mounting options and secures to the coach with two 3/8" bolts. All fittings are included and are DOT-rated push-to-connect style. All components install out of sight on coach and towed car. Completely universal and transferrable - fits EVERY tow vehicle
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