RapidX X5 5-Port USB Car Charger for Android and iOS Devices, Black/Blue, Black/Blue; Plastic/Rubber

$22.56 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The X-5 delivers lightning fast charging speeds and supports up to 5 devices at once. Its intelligent recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities and delivers the fastest charge possible. The extended USB hub, with its color-accented rubberized finish, offers flexibility for everyone in your car. Simply clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket to enable those in the back to charge their devices, tangle free. Too many drives have caused unnecessary stress due to a lack of available chargers. And in today's era we not only rely on our smart phones, but on wireless headphones, fitness trackers, portable chargers and a whole host of wearable technologies. Fortunately, the days when you needed sacrifice your waterproof Bluetooth speakers battery in order to charge your girlfriends iPad have ended at least as long as you remain in your car with X-5 smart charger. Color: Black/Blue; Plastic/Rubber.
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