ALMOST HEAVEN SAUNAS Logan Cedar 1-Person Electric Sauna

$4,299.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Logan is a 1-person sauna that is perfect for any unused corner. The double windows on the front of the sauna give an open and spacious feel without increasing the size of the footprint. With the Logan Sauna you don't need to let tight quarters keep you from relishing in the healthful goodness of traditional sauna use. The wide horizontal slat bench is ideal for one person to sit and relax comfortably, and the long cylindrical handle makes the door easy to open from the inside and outside. This sauna will use your existing flooring as the floor inside the sauna. The Logan can sit on many different suitable surfaces including tile, laminate, concrete, and vinyl. We don't recommend placing it on carpet. The Logan is ideal for indoor placement and is designed and crafted in the USA. It comes with a dial-controlled 4.5kW Finnish-style water-over-rocks steam heater. That means you may enjoy either a dry heat, or you can sprinkle water over the heated sauna stones to generate steam for a wet sauna. The sauna will generally reach 150°F in about 30 minutes and 190°F - 195°F in less than an hour. The sauna is constructed from our premium rustic cedar lumber and includes a red cedar accessory kit made up of a back rest, leg lift, robe hook, drink shelf and magazine rack. The provided assembly manual is easy to follow, and Almost Heaven provides technical support.
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