ALMOST HEAVEN SAUNAS Bridgeport Cedar 6-Person Electric Heater Sauna

$7,941.66 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

If you're looking for an indoor sauna that is spacious enough for you and your friends, then look no further than the Bridgeport Indoor Sauna. This sauna highlights the sleek wood door with window, adding texture and design to any space. With multi-level benches, there's enough room for up to six people. The Harvia 8kW electric heater can start heating the space right away, or you can delay the start time up to eight hours. Regardless, you'll be relaxing in temperatures of 195°F. Your experience in the Bridgeport is enhanced even more by the Cedar Sauna Accessory Kit. Sprinkle water on the hot sauna stones, stretch out on the top bench, and breathe deeply in the Bridgeport.
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