Miracle Noodle Kanten Pasta - 16g, Pack of 6

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Features and technical details

<p>Dry Kanten noodles are made only from the fiber of sea vegetables . Kanten is instantly ready&#44; calorie free&#44; zero net carbs&#44; diabetic friendly&#44; fibre rich&#44; gluten free &#44; vegan and soya free. In Japan they are known as an aid to weight loss and weight management and have been used in the Japanese culture for at least 1000 years. Add the kanten to your favorite sauce or soup at the end of the preparation process&#44; not boiling necessary.</p><b>Features&#58;</b><ul><li>Free of gluten&#44; soy and sugar; Zero net calories.</li><li>Diabetic&#44; vegan and vegetarian-friendly.</li><li>Instantly ready&#33; Take on the go to work. Add veggies and protein for a quick meal.</li><li>Sea vegetables are a staple of Japanese dieters who live to 100 and beyond.</li></ul><p><b>Ingredients&#58;</b>&nbsp;Noodles; Agar.</p><p><b>Directions&#58;</b>&nbsp;No cooking needed&#33; Simply place dry noodles into warm&#47;hot water and stir for 30 seconds until noodles get soft. Add to a stir-fry or soup&#44; such as Miso Marvellous.</p><ul><li>Size - 16g</li><li>Pack of 6</li></ul>
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