MorrHeat 480,000 BTU Bi-Directional Waste Oil Fired Furnace

$11,000.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The MH480B 480,000 BTU Bi-Directional Waste Oil Heater allows Bi-Directional air throw and is the ideal unit for larger 6-8 bay garages and commercial shops. Capable of heating up-to 10,000 sq. ft. while consuming less than 3 GPH., it doesn't take much fuel to heat the desired area. This massive unit features a triple pass system designed with two stainless steel heat ex-changers, hinged swing out doors on both sides of the waste oil heater for easy ash removal, burns heating fuels, diesel fuels and used-waste motor oils. Comes standard with the waste oil burner, on-board air compressor so you don't have to use shop air, fuel pump assembly, room thermostat and draft meter. With the MorrHeat line of waste oil heaters you save on hauling fees associated with waste oil removal, lower your heating bill and overhead through the winter months and increase profits at the same time.
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