FUN Costumes Women's Plus Size Haute Harlequin Costume - Black/Red/White - Size: 1X

$34.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

UNSEAT THE QUEENFor years, the kingdom has been ruled by a tyrant—a queen who lords over her people with ruthless demands, crippling taxation, deadly sentences... and, worst of all, she's got an awful sense of humor! Too many court jesters now decorate the hall in gruesome fashion. Countless have tried to crack a smile on her face. Self-deprecating humor only results in the Queen agreeing. Buddy comedy only causes her to make them compete with each other to see who will meet the chopping block last. The citizens even tried to bring in the heart-stopping stylings of a homicidal, green-haired and gothic joker, but she just made him captain of the guard! There's only one option left. We need someone with perfect comedic timing, perhaps a noteworthy dose of sass, maybe even the willingness to tell a dirty joke or three. Most of all, we need someone with the stuff to make us all smile. Actually, for someone like that, we should just kick the queen off her throne and turn that Jester's cap into a crown!DESIGN & DETAILSBecome the queen of comedy in a literal sense when you stop the show with this Haute Harlequin costume. This is a gloriously fun costume that came from the minds of our in-house design team, responsible for all our Made by Us line! It is a black and diamond-print paneled, asymmetrical dress. The design is themed off medieval jesters, which means it has a ruffled edge at the hem and neckline, and an ornate jester's hat to top off the look! MONARCH OF MIRTHOnce you take over the kingdom with the epic style of this Haute Harlequin costume, you'll be known throughout the realm for your legacy of one-liners. Just one problem: who will tell you jokes now!? 
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