TURBRO Stainless Steel Foldable Wall Mount Bracket Support Condenser up to 350 lbs (7,000-36,000 BTU) 1 Pair, Silver

$70.64 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Note: This bracket does not suitable for heat pump with width (from back to front) longer than 15 in. This bracket does not fit for the following air conditioner models: Senville (SENL-30CD/X), Pioneer (WYS030-17, WYS036-17), Mrcool ( DIY-24-HP-C-230B, DIY-36-HP-C-230B, DIY-MULTI3-27HP230, DIY-MULTI4-36HP230, O-HH-24-HP-C-230, O-ES-24-HP-C-230). Package includes: Foldable Brackets (set of 2), Bracket Attachment Bolt Kits (set of 2), Concrete Expansion Bolts (set of 6), Condenser Attachment Bolt Kits (set of 4) and Rubber Vibration Absorbing Pads (set of 4). Color: Silver.
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