EMAX EP25H120V3 25 HP 3 Phase 2 Stage 120 gal Stationary Electric Air Compressor

$6,799.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

EMAX Compressor combines over 38 years of experience with the latest technology to deliver the best quality compressors. EMAX Compressor Tools and Equipment deliver overwhelming performance to ensure that they meet the needs of even the most demanding environments. All products are designed with exacting tolerance and specifications to deliver all the power that is needed at the Jobsite, Garage or Shop for extreme performance. At the core of our 25hp 2 Stage V4 Emax compressors is our pump. These pumps are SUPER quiet in operation and built too last! We start with a solid cast iron crankcase. Unlike some competitors aluminum body crankcases our solid cast iron crankcase will ensure stable crankshaft alignment and will handle more work load under heavy load conditions. Our pump also features a precision balanced solid cast iron crankshaft with Timken-Style stainless steel roller bearings on the front and rear of the crankshaft to ensure smooth & efficient operation with less drag and less energy use. Our raised pump platform design is a nice feature for keeping your oil cool within the pump. This platform raises the pump approximately 2 off the mounting base plate. This allows for 100% constant flow of cool air from the flywheel fan to circulate by not only the top & sides of the pump crankcase, but also opens the underside of the crankcase to cooling air flow. This ensures cooler oil temperatures within your pump. Cooler oil not only helps to lubricate the pump but also pulls the heat off the pistons and connecting rods reducing wear and adding many years of life to the compressor pump A tough pump needs a tough motor that can drive it! Emax uses only high quality name brand premium efficiency motors that meet all UL and CSA requirements. It is most important to note that all of our motors are low RPM motors 1750 rpm. 1750 RPM motors run much cooler than 3450 RPM motors because of the higher torque factor. They also yield low harmonic distortion, provide much higher torque in cold weather starting and require less electricity under start up. Your 25hp 2 Stage V4 Emax compressor will come equipped with a proprietary design feature that will eliminate countless hours of maintenance and an equal amount of frustration. Our Automatic Belt Tensioner will allow you to adjust the tension and alignment of your belts with ease and in just minutes with just the turn of a bolt. Emaxs Automatic Tank Drain with Integrated Dual Timer will do this maintenance for you automatically on the time intervals you set to ensure that the condensation is removed regularly to avoid all of this. This unit has a prewired condor starter and pressure switch built into one. Emax Compressors come equipped with continuous run feature that maximizes performance and reduces wear on the internal components of your motor. Under heavy...
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