Screen Innovations 3TF160SG 160" Solar Gray .85 No LED

$2,225.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

For a big, beautiful, glare-free picture, you can't beat a projector system. A projection screen that's ready for 4K As a projector owner, I'm glad we carry Screen Innovations projection screens. They offer different screen materials optimized for a variety of room lighting conditions, and most screens can handle 4K and even 8K video. Whether you get an HD or a 4K projector, do yourself a favor and pair it with a well-designed screen like this Screen Innovations 3 Series model. It will ensure a smooth, uniform picture that's a huge improvement over projecting onto a wall. Projector screens have special optical coatings that enhance their reflective properties - walls don't. Superior picture quality - by design The 3 Series is Screen Innovations' most affordable line of 4K-compatible screens. The screen's surface has a noticeably finer "grit" than HD screens, so all of 4K's extraordinary picture detail is preserved. The company's Solar Gray material boasts a revolutionary emboss pattern, for perfect color neutrality and zero sparkle. And the material's dark color delivers outstanding black levels. This screen also features a sturdy 3-1/2"-wide aluminum frame wrapped in non-reflective black velvet. Having black borders frame the viewing area enhances the perceived brightness and colors of on-screen images, and ensures that if your projector's image spills over the edges of the screen a tiny bit, you won't notice it. This screen ships unassembled, and can be put together using basic hand tools. Screen Innovations' patented EZ-Snap(tm) tensioning system simplifies installation, and ensures an exceptionally flat, tight surface, for projecting a flawlessly smooth image.
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