Chemical Guys Complete Wheel Rim & Tire Kit Chemical Guys

$79.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Chemical Guys Best Wheel, Rim, And Tire Kit combines the best products and accessories to clean, shine, and protect OEM and custom aftermarket wheels. Nobody likes the look of brake dust on wheels. The thick, brown, and black soot from cooked brake pads and steel rotors sprays all over the place under hard braking, and poses a major challenge when it comes time to clean it. Chemical Guys makes things easy with Diablo Wheel Gel and Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Choose Diablo for gentle cleaning power with plenty of lubrication on sensitive custom wheel finishes full of shiny clear coat paint and polished chrome. For durable powder-coated finishes or machined metal wheels, cut through intense grime and dust with Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Go deep and clean out the inside of the wheels with the plush and fluffy Show Car Wheel & Rim Brush. Remove all the brake dust from behind the spokes to restore full depth and clarity to the wheel. Finish off by cleaning the face of the rim, spokes, hub, and tire sidewall without any swirls or scratches with the Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Brush. Lay down a coat of Max Coat Wheel Guard to repel future pepperings of brake dust and make wheels easier to clean, and restore a rich black shine to tire sidewalls with V.R.P. Super Shine Protectant Dressing. Skip all the questions, hours of pondering, and dollars experimenting on the best wheel-cleaning regimen: pick up the Best Wheel, Rim, And Tire Kit and get it over and done with so you can go drive your car already.
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