TORQ - Flex L 3403 Vrg Lightweight Circular Rotary Car Polisher Car Detailing Chemical Guys

$309.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The FLEX L3403 is a lightweight rotary polisher designed for high performance and fast polishing work. The L3403 was designed and built for OEM automotive builders, body shop technicians, professional detailers, and weekend warrior enthusiasts. Use the FLEX L3403 to polish paintwork, remove scratches, swirls, heavy water spots, and restore pure reflection with optical clarity. Old rotary machine designs were clumsy and heavy, and they were originally designed to polish marble and granite slabs. The FLEX L3403 is compact, ergonomic, lightweight, and balanced to deliver fantastic polishing results with minimal effort. Older heavy machines put excess pressure on painted surfaces, generate excess heat, and cause unsightly holograms and marring. The FLEX L3403 weighs less than 5 lbs, and exerts the perfect amount of pressure to polish any automotive paint finish to perfection. The ergonomic industry-standard design fits comfortably in the hands and follows any vehicle contour for perfect polishing results. Switch out the included low-profile 5 inch TORQ R5 backing plate with any industry-standard rotary backing plate to tackle any job. Use 3.
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