Wagan Healthmate Mini Stepper Master with Meter Exercise Machine EL2273

$82.99 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Turn any 1.0 ft x 1.5 ft of floor space in your home or office into a personal gym! 15 minutes a day to a healthier you. Comparing Exercise MachinesWagan has had a lot of customers wondering what the differences between the Mini Stepper and the Pivot Stepper are. It created this quick comparison video that clearly highlights the differences between these two exceptional machines!Wagan Healthmate Mini StepperThe Wagan Healthmate Mini Stepper w/ Meter is great for anyone who is looking to experience the professional efficiency of a gym workout within the comfortable confines of their own home. No need to drive to the gym and pay an expensive annual membership. The Mini Stepper offers comfort and convenience in your own home or office.Small Size, Big PerformanceThe Mini Stepper only occupies a diminutive amount of floor space, approximately 1’ x 1.5’ square. It only takes up a little space, but offers big results. Size really does matter, that is why Wagan designed the Mini Stepper to rival the performance of a big machine yet only take up a fraction of the floor space.Simply set up the Mini Stepper in front of the TV, turn on your favorite show, and before you know it your workout will be done! With just a minimal amount of time, you can be toning your way to a healthier you. It really is that easy to get a workout into your daily routine.Benefit of Regular ExerciseA regular exercise program can help improve the quality of your life, give you more energy, and combat the effects of aging.Research has shown that 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise combined with weight lifting just 3 to 4 times per week can help deliver the following health benefits: weight loss, improve body shape and definition, increase muscle mass, increase physical strength and endurance, enhance flexibility, increase metabolism, decrease chances of injury, improve aerobic fitness, improve coordination and agility.Great For All AgesThe Mini Stepper has adjustable resistance to match any skill level. It is a great way for kids to expend excess energy and can assist the elderly in keeping active. For those more active users, the Mini Stepper can be a great way to get in a little workout in your spare time. At home, office, care facility, or even outside, the Mini Stepper is a convenient and affordable way to stay fit.Solid ConstructionThe Wagan Healthmate Mini Stepper has a compact and sleek build that makes good use of space, and serves its minimal structural design well. It has a solid metal frame made from cast iron, which lends the stepper incredible durability, superb stability, and adds years to its lifespan.The Mini Stepper from Wagan comes equipped with an LCD console that displays time, distance, and calories. It also features four preset workout programs that you can try. Quick List of FeaturesOccupies less than 1 foot x 1.5 feet of floor spaceProvides as good a workout as the full size alternativeDigital display tracks cumulative workout timeWagan...
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