Costway 24 Pack 55 Inch Multipurpose Foam Pool Swim Noodles

$69.95 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

This swimming noodles are made of high quality EPE material and are waterproof and corrosion resistant. If you need a tool to help you learn to swim, this swim noodles will meet your needs! Thus, these colorful swim noodles can ensure high durability and long service life. Besides, the swim noodles are more convenient than swimming rings, and the auxiliary effect is better than the swimming ring as well. It does not need to be inflated and can save your time. High foaming and excellent water resistance give the swimming noodles strong buoyancy, so that they can withstand the weight of adults in the water. And they are great tools to help you and your children learn to swim and make swimming easier. If you are looking for swimming noodles, don't hesitate to buy one. Help you improve your balance and swimming skills High elasticity and good buffering performance help to prolong its service life 24 swim noodles can serve more individuals Lightweight size m
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