Boss MR1004 Riot 400-Watt 4-Channel Amplifier

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Features and technical details

The Boss MR1004 Riot Full Range, Class A/B Amplifier is known for its great sound quality and efficient power output. Weather-proof to stand up to the marine environment, this amp features high and low level inputs, variable gain control, and thermal/overload/short protection. 2 ohm stable impedance. 400-Watt Four-Channel Amplifier: 75W x 4 RMS @ 2 ohm; 38W x 4 RMS @ 4 ohm. 7.75"L x 9"W x 2"H.KEY FEATURES2 Ohm StableThe lowest impedance accepted by this amplifier is 2 ohms. Amplifiers that are 2 ohms stable produce more power resulting in more volume. This amp can comfortably power speakers or subwoofers with all channels being used at a load of 2 ohms. Class A/BClass A/B amplifiers have long been known for their ability to produce great quality sound while performing more efficiently than pure Class A amplifiers. Specific linear circuitry further reduces distortion while increasing both sound quality and power output. Fully MarinizedUtilizes integrated high-tech, state-of-the-art waterproofing materials plus special UV coatings for plastic surfaces, coated circuit boards, and connections to protect against harsh outdoor elements and resist corrosion. High and Low Level InputsAn amplifier with both high-level and low-level inputs provides flexibility by allowing you to build an audio system using virtually any standard factory or aftermarket source unit. High-level (speaker level) inputs accept the signal from the speakers, while low-level (RCA) inputs accept the signal from the pre-amp outputs of the source unit. ProtectionIf the amplifier gets too hot, the thermal protection circuit turns the amp off and allows the amp to cool down before turning it back on. If a speaker fails causing an electrical short, the protection circuit will automatically cut the output and remain in that state until the short is resolved. These safety features give you peace of mind knowing the amplifier is constantly monitoring conditions to protect itself. Variable Gain ControlVariable Gain Control lets you balance the amps output wi
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