Morris Costumes Women's Taco Bell Diablo Taco Bell Sauce Packet Costume - Black/Red/White - Size: Small

$29.98 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

Pack a Punch For Your LunchPeople with boring lunches don't stand a fighting chance. It's only noon and they've already given in to the weight of the day. Their corn chips and lunch meat have them stuck in a sea of spreadsheets. A meal of oatmeal and yogurt is almost like eating baby food. How are you going to shine in a meeting if you dined on baby food for one of your main meals of the day? Now, we're not saying eating fast food Texmex for your midday meal will make you a millionaire but it sure might help! If you're one of those people who strive to make their lunch pack a punch then you should flaunt it. Celebrate Taco Tuesday every week! Bring your entourage to Taco Bell. And if you really want to go all the way to flavor town, rock this Diablo sauce pack this Halloween!Costume DetailsThis Taco Bell dress is the hottest of the hot... Diablo! It has the trademark sassy phrase and the Taco Bell logo on the front. The jagged top and bottom bring to mind those tearable edges that act as a doorway to the hot sauce that brings so much joy to your lunches, din-dins, and late-night munching. The spaghetti straps support your costume so that you don't have to adjust your look while your hands are full of bags of delicious hot bags of food. What better way to make an entrance.An Honest First ImpressionSome costumes might lead people astray. You aren't a princess or a wild faun. Why fake it? Slipping into this Diablo costume can be an honest interpretation of who you are. Cause you know. You are what you eat. And hey, if you really want to make an impression, bring actual Taco Bell to your next Halloween party while wearing this look. That's a one-way ticket to the best costume prize!
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