ESE -ES943UNTPCBL Time Code Remote Display with NTP-C Option & LED Display, Blue

$1,412.74 - $1,428.43 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>The ESE ES 943U NTP-C BLUE is a Time Code display featuring 4.0" bright blue LED displays. The unit is housed in a black-textured aluminum wall-mount enclosure (7" H x 26" W x 3.5" D). The unit accepts, via the rear-mounted terminal block, either ESE Time Code (TC76, TC89, or TC90), SMPTE/EBU Time Code (Time of Day only) or RS-232C ASCII Time Code(format "0", "1" or "A" at 9600 baud). The ES-943U will automatically determine which code is being received. A rear-mounted DIP switch is used to configure the display for 12 or 24 Hour format, or to display the Date instead of time-of-day (if incoming time code contains Date information, such as ESE TC90, date-encoded SMPTE/EBU or ASCII formats "1" or "A"). If the Time Zone option is ordered, a rear-accessible DIP switch is installed for this function. If receiving ESE Time Code from a timer, the unit will display Minutes, Seconds and Tenths of Seconds (if the timer has the Tenths option). </p><p>NTP-C Option: NTP Client: NTP Client Displays synchronize exclusively with an NTP server (replaces all standard inputs). </p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Wall Mount Display</li><li>Reads SMPTE/EBU, ASCII & ESE Time Code</li><li>Automatic Code Detection</li><li>Six 4.0" Red LED Displays</li><li>Viewing Distance 120'</li><li>Switchable Between 12 & 24 Hour Format Display</li><li>Switchable to Date display</li><li>Optional Time Zone Offset</li></ul><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Color:</b> Blue</li><li><b>Display:</b> 4.0" LED</li><li><b>Power:</b> 8-10 Watts</li><li><b>Electrical:</b> 117 VAC, 50/60 H</li><li><b>Viewing Distance:</b> 120'</li><li><b>Time Code Input:</b> ESE, SMPTE/EBU, ASCII</li><li><b>Enclosure:</b> 4.0" 6-digit Wall</li><li><b>Style:</b> Black Textured Aluminum</li><li><b>Dimensions:</b> 7" H x 26" W x 3.5" D</li><li><b>Weight:</b> 10 lbs</li></ul>
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