Laird Digital Cinema 4855RX5-BFMB-010 12G-SDI-4K UHD 5- Channel BNC Female to HDBNC Male Snake Cable, Black - 10 ft.

$184.64 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>12G-SDI-4K UHD 5- Channel BNC Female to HDBNC Male Snake Cable, Black - 10 ft. </p> <p>Laird 5-Channel 4855R 12G-SDI/4K UHD BNC snake cables are the next-gen Mini-RG59 BNC cable designed to handle 12GHz 4K UHD signals with a clean signal delivery up to 150 feet (3G-SDI up to 300 feet). These <b>BNC Female to HD-BNC Male</b> cables provide the critical link between your switchers, cameras and other 4K video gear. Hand crafted assemblies featuring 4855R 4K Ultra-High-Definition coaxial cable for 12G-SDI, these cables the simple choice when setting up your studio backbone and infrastructure. </p><p>Why run multiple cables when one will do the job! Laird's BNC cables are ready to meet today's high bandwidth 12G-SDI signal / data serial interface requirements. The 4855R Series is the 12G-SDI equivalent of Belden's famous 1855A cable. It features a silver plated copper center conductor and is the ideal choice for installations in studios, stadiums and live event venues. </p><p><strong>Features:</strong><ul><li>Space Saving 5 Channels in One Snake</li><li>Easy Handling & Portability</li><li>Each Channel Rated 12G-SDI</li><li>Flexible Cable Suitable for Studio or Field Applications</li><li>Color-Coded Strain Relief Boots for Fast Identification</li><li>Quick Connect/Disconnect with Bayonet Coupling</li><li>Meet 2082-1, 2081-1, and 424M Standards</li></ul></p><p><strong>Specifications:</strong><ul><li>23 AWG Mini Coax CMR Cable with PVC Jacket</li><li>Silver-Plated Copper Stranding</li><li>Tinned Copper Braid</li><li>Gas Injected FHDPE Insulation</li><li>Impedance 75&Omega; </li><li>Capacitance: 16.3 pF/ft</li><li>Nominal Inductance: 0.107 &Mu;H/ft</li><li>Overall Min Bend Radius: 5.4 in / Each Coax Min Bend Radius: 1.6 in</li><li>Nickel Plated BNC Connectors</li></ul></p>
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