Shattuc Cord Specialties SCS-SCA-2401 24 AWG Single Balanced Audio Cable for Microphone & Line Level CMR

$239.77 - $254.01 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>24 AWG Single Balanced Audio Cable for Microphone & Line Level CMR </p> <p>Shattuc <b>SCA-2401</b> is a 24 AWG 1 shielded pair cable constructed with stranded tinned copper conductors, PP Insulation, aluminum/mylar shield with stranded tinned copper drain wire and an overall PVC jacket, manufactured in the USA and (UL) listed CL3R OR CMR C(UL)US 167&deg;F.</p><p><ins><b>Applications:</b></ins><br />Line level analog audio applications</p><p><strong>Specifications:</strong><ul><li><strong>Conductor</strong></li><li>Material: Annealed Tinned Copper </li><li>Conductor Count: 2 Conductors </li><li>AWG & Stranding 24 AWG 7 Strand Class B <br /><br /><strong>Insulation</strong></li><li>Material: Polypropylene </li><li>Wall Thickness: 0.008"</li><li>Color Code: Black, Red<br /><br /><strong>Assembly</strong></li><li>Nominal Lay Length: 1.50" LHL (8TW/FT)</li><li>Drain Wire: 24 AWG 7 Strand Tinned Copper (INSIDE)</li><li>Pair Shield: Heat Fusible Aluminum/Mylar 100% Coverage<br /><br /><strong>Nominal Electrical Characteristics</strong></li><li>D.C. Resistance: 23.8 &Omega;/Mft @68&deg;F </li><li>Shield D.C. Resistance 23.8 &Omega;/Mft @ 68&deg;F</li><li>Capacitance: 25.22 pF/ft Conductor to Conductor</li><li>Capacitance of Shield: 49.68 pF/ft conductor to Shield</li><li>Impedance: 60 &Omega;<br /><br /><strong>Jacket</strong></li><li>Material: Pressure Extruded Polyvinylchloride</li><li>Wall Thickness: 0.020"</li><li>Diameter: 0.123"</li><li>Color: Black</li><li>Weight: 12 LBS/MFT</li><li>Ripcord: No</li><li>Length: 1000 foot</li></ul></p>
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