Learning Carpets CPR3085 Seating Dots Primary Oval Educational Rug - Large

$437.24 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Seating Dots Educational Rug features 16 large dots in our vibrant primary color palette. When used as destination sitting spots, the dots will help caregivers effortlessly move kids from one learning space to the next for new lessons. Printed, cut pile, educational rugs are made from 100% polyamide. Treated to be stain, water and fade resistant, these rugs are able to withstand rugged wear and tear. The sturdy 3-ply felt backing increases sound and thermal insulation while preventing wrinkling and creasing. Double serged edges ensure the rugs won't fray. Specifications Shape: Oval Size: Large Rug Size: 144 x 96 in. Weight: 30 lbs
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