Hollyland HL-SOLIDCOMM1-8B 1.9GHz 200Hz to 7KHz Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System with 8 Beltpacks

$6,999.00 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

<p>Industry-First Solution to Power up to a 1300 Foot Radius Communication RangeFor the first time in the industry, an integrated panel antenna is inserted into the base station. Besides, Solidcom M1 is also equipped with a pair of external FRP antennas. Combining these 2 antenna options, Solidcom M1 significantly improves on-site work efficiency and flexibility, and prolongs transmission range to a great extent. </p><p>With major technical breakthrough, Hollyland is proud to present you a whole new series of full-duplex wireless intercoms - Solidcom. As the first member of this series, the Solidcom M1 with 8 beltpacks is a go-to choice for micro-mid events with a capacity from 100 to 1000 guests, including church events, electronic field productions, exhibitions, concerts, etc. </p><p>Enhanced Audio QualityAdopting self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a super-wide frequency response, Solidcom M1 delivers authentic and premium sound at broadcast-level sampling rate. </p><p>Enhanced Operating ExperienceAn integrated panel antenna is embedded in the base station for effortless setup. Featuring minimalist button design, the beltpack provides you intuitive operating experience. In addition, settings and grouping of the whole set can be adjusted easily via base station, APP or web. </p><p>Intuitive Grouping At A Single TapSetting up groups with Solidcom M1 is an intuitive experience. It's as easy as selecting the numbers of specific beltpacks and making them a group. Either through the base station, Hollyland APP or webpage, a group can be created and managed in seconds. </p><b>Features</b><ul><li>1800ft Transmission Range</li><li>The lowest achievable latency is 007s</li><li>51-59 GHz Frequency Band Width, Supports Frequency Configuration for Different Territories</li><li>Supports 4 SDI Input and HDMI Input, 4 SDI Output and HDMI Output</li><li>4 Transmitters Use the Same Wireless Channel with Strong Anti-Interference Ability</li><li>Supports TALLY and RS485/RS422 Control</li><li>Support USB Firmware Upgrade</li><li>With RJ45 Interface, Supports Network Pass Through between Transmitter and Receiver, and Achieves RTSP Pull and Push Streaming</li></ul><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>Power Supply:</b> POE power suppy, NP-F type batter</li><li><b>Frequest Response:</b> 200Hz to 7KHz</li><li><b>Signal-to-Noise Ratio:</b> >50dB</li><li><b>Use Ranger:</b> 450 meters line-of-sight usage</li><li><b>Frequency Band:</b> 19Ghz</li><li><b>Modulation Mode:</b> GFSK</li><li><b>Transmit Power:</b> Max. 21dBm</li><li><b>Weight Capacity:</b> 3.4lbsBelpack</li><li><b>Interfaces:</b> 3.5mm headset, LEMO headset, USB Type-C</li><li><b>Power Supply:</b> 1500mAh lithium polymer battery<...
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