VAXIS VAX-STORM-1000S STORM 1000S SDI & HDMI Video Transmission System with 1000 ft. Range Mount, Gold

$3,141.15 (inc P&P)

Features and technical details

The Vaxis Storm 1000S is an SDI and HDMI video transmission system with a 1000 foot range and a Gold Mount battery plate. The Storm 1000s was engineered with a new motherboard design which can reduce the signal interference and improve the transmission distance up to 1000 feet. Vaxis Storm 1000s features a new antenna-free design. The TX also has a built-in mounting bracket that uses a 3/8" thread. No external antennas means there's less chance of them getting broken or in the way. The TX features an SDI in/out as well as a HDMI input. The RX has two SDI and one HDMI output. It has a maximum range of 350m (1150 feet). Features Hidden, built-in antenna Supports 20 channels Better ventilation, improved compatibility More power options New motherboard supports 1000 foot mode Specifications Color: Gold Range Size: 1000 ft. Weight: 1 lbs
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